Hyatt Regency Hotel
Manila, Philippines
November 12-14, 2004

  1. To undertake a continuing dialogue on issues concerning Asian democracy in general and Asian political and electoral processes in particular;

  2. To establish and maintain a website for purposes of maintaining communications, exchanging information, and providing a venue for assistance on matters discussed in the Conference;

  3. To hold, as practicable as possible, an annual gathering of Asian electoral reform stakeholders coming from election administration bodies, academe, and civil society to share information and experiences on various theoretical and practical issues of Asian democracy and electoral processes;

  4. To create an Asia-level coordinative body to prepare for and coordinate the holding of the annual conference and its agenda;

  5. To share in the hosting of the annual conference through a system of revolving national hosting committees;

  6. To undertake research on various theoretical issues relating to democracy and electoral reforms; and

  7. Interim Arrangement
    For the Consortium on Electoral Reforms (CER) to take on work of coordination in the interim.

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